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We use forensic level technology to monitor your computer network for intrusive policy violations and malicious activity. 

Our system provides unmatched protection when it comes to confronting exploits, malware, and ransomware. 

Our advanced behavioral analysis will stop threats dead in their tracks, that have never even been seen before.

Anyone who uses a computer or device that’s connected to the internet, is open to the possibility of attacks by hackers. 

Through these attacks, they can potentially gain access to sensitive information, and disrupt your network or website. 

Computer anti-intrusion

Therefore, it’s important for businesses and organisations to take the steps needed to ensure that their network and information are kept safe.

Attacks by hackers are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive all the time.  They can bring major disruptions to businesses and organisations

Once targeted, they often cause issues that can slow down operations, or even bring them to a halt.

When an attempt is made to infiltrate, we respond in kind.

Computer hacker


There are several different types of threats that a hacker can pose to a business’s network.  We use the industry’s most powerful malware cleaner to wipe them out.

Malicious code can be inserted into a website or program, in a way that is well hidden.  It can go unnoticed for quite some time before its impacts are discovered. Without a powerful protection system in place, this can be very hard to detect and clean out. 

Our anti-intrusion system detects and disables these types of threats head-on with unprecedented strength.

Total Support Solutions’ protective measures also stops DDOS and targeted attacks against websites, before you even find out they happened.  When gone unchecked, these types of attacks result in the server’s resources being overloaded. 

This causes users to be unable to load pages, access content, and use features on a site.  By drowning a site with malicious internet traffic, it can be rendered virtually unusable. 

Our technicians are ready to help keep your website running smoothly, regardless of a hacker’s skill-level. Experience what secure feels like.

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