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At Total Support Solutions, we offer some of the highest quality anti-virus services available for computer networks today.  Computer viruses are a prominent threat to any business or organisation that uses networked computers.  As time goes on, they become more complex and elusive.  Therefore, we answer in kind with the technology and resources to stop them dead in their tracks as soon as they appear.

Many modern computer viruses have a knack for seeking out vulnerabilities that exist within your network, and exploiting them.  When gone unchecked, a virus can cause you to permanently lose your documents, and your system files can become corrupted.  Important data can be stolen.  There is usually no easy way to fix this once it has happened.

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Antivirus protection is essential for any device that is connected to the internet.  When it comes to businesses and organizations that are exchanging valuable and sensitive information, it’s important to stop threats at the network level before they ever have a chance to reach your computers and devices.

Computer viruses come in many forms, and for a variety of different reasons.  However they appear, we are equipped and ready to meet them.  Leave the defense to us, so you can stay focused on day-to-day operations and building your business.

Our powerful and advanced anti-virus solutions protect your computers from a huge range of risks and threats.  The state-of-the-art technology we use monitors all angles and aspects of your network closely, including all the files, websites and software being used across your organization.  It brings the fastest detection and resolution available in the industry.

It fully integrates with our HelpDesk and networking equipment.  This is what ensures that we’re able to detect and disable viruses instantly.  Issues get resolved before you ever even know they exist!

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