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Cybersecurity threats are continuously evolving

If you can stay ahead of the threats with the latest knowledge, in easy-to-understand terms – you can be in a better position to secure your systems and keep your business or personal information safe and secure.

Ensure you're reinforcing best practices with continuous training

Contact us for access to robust policy templates, a free remote employee security training roadmap, and tips to share with your employees.

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Do you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place? Do you have a remote worker policy in place? Are you confident that your staff are equipped with the correct information to detect threats? If you’re unsure of any of these, sign up below.


Total Support Solutions provides a comprehensive framework to educate you and your business on how to keep your systems safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art cybersecurity service includes Network Penetration Testing, Training and Ongoing Support, which protects against new ways that attackers can exploit and compromise sensitive data, giving your business the assurance it needs.

Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional security assessments – our service allows you to perform ongoing security assessments of your environment without the high costs, lack of flexibility, long turnaround on reports, lack of comprehensiveness, and labor-intensive assessments.

With Total Support Solutions, you can add offensive security to strengthen your defenses, improve your detection and monitoring controls, and enjoy the peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure. Protect your business today – contact us for a consultation!




Ensure that you’re reinforcing correct security awareness with up-to-date and ongoing training.

Contact us for access to robust policy templates, a remote employee security training course, and tips to share with your employees.

Total Support Solutions provides your team with a dashboard that allows them to track the penetration test and its activities in real-time.

As more issues are identified and more information about the network is learned, information within the portal is updated to reflect the latest information, activities, and security threats identified from our cybersecurity team.


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