The latest Digital Transformation trends in 2021.

Paper was once used for data and people only advertised in newspapers.

However, now 54% of the population use social media on average for 2.5 hours daily.

Therefore, we discuss what companies are doing to adapt.

Digital Transformation can help a business thrive.

As mentioned, 4.2 billion people are using social media daily.

Therefore, it is very useful for advertising and so here you can see which platform is the most popular

As well as this, companies are now changing to integrate new technologies.

Digital Transformation

For example, businesses are anticipated to increase AI usage from 10% to 50% by 2025.

Digital Transformation is fueled by the cloud transition.

This was because the cloud offered more flexibility to assist with the influx in remote workers.

Not only this, but cyber-security will be a concern on the minds of business owners going forward.

That’s because there is more company data being accessible on home devices than ever.

As we can see, there are many different aspects to digital transformation to consider.

Digital Transformation

Despite this, if you get on top of it all, you can start to see many benefits.

For example, your customers are happier, you recruit the right people and earn more. 

Additionally, you have risk mitigation and strategies that help to keep your business on track.

Digital Transformation

To conclude, Total Support Solutions have experts who are experienced in all aspects of technology.

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