How we can prepare our homes with technology.

Fall marks the time of year that we begin to prepare a smart home for the months ahead.

Our home is usually the most valuable investment we own, so we want to discuss how to help protect it from things such as cold weather and when you are leaving it empty.



These solutions will help safeguard your home and make it a smart home.

Firstly, we should make sure that our smoke or CO2 smoke detectors are working.

If you’re leaving home for an extended period of time, consider taking these steps to protect the household.

Investing in cameras. They can be hidden, night-vision enabled, capturing audio and can be set to timers. You can then capture footage via your smartphone or computer.

Make sure to be careful that your cameras are secured though because you don’t want them to be exposed online and have someone else access them.


Smart homes monitor plumbing and sump pumps.

You can monitor for frozen or burst pipes, leaks and broken sump pumps while you’re gone. This is possible using specialised equipment and sensors that can alert you.

Once set up, you can deal with any of these problems right away and avoid water damage, mildew, mold, and so on from building up until spring.

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Leaks can happen at any time of the year. However, they’re most common during the colder winter months, especially in colder regions, due to the increased possibility of frozen pipes.

To prevent this, you could install a leak detection system that allows you to monitor for any possible leaks.

The colder weather can also make the air in your home excessively dry. People may notice problems with dry skin or irritated nasal passages. Dryness could adversely affect overall air quality, too.

A smart humidifier is an excellent way to moderate moisture in the air, which make your smart home more comfortable.

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Health experts also say humidifiers can ease the symptoms of upper respiratory infections and colds, both of which could become more common in colder weather.

Talk with us at Total Support Solutions if you’re looking to discuss upgrading to a smart home, or for any other technical questions you have.

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