The Benefits of a Fractional CIO or CTO.

A fractional CIO (Chief Information Officer) is an executive-level consultant.

They aim to align your information technology strategy with your business goals.

In other words, fractional workers only work for a fraction of the time of a full-time employee.

Consequently, this cuts down on costs but can still provide businesses with valuable advice.



A fractional CIO can steer startup companies in the direction towards success.

Their duties include, but are not limited to, project, risk and budget management.

Additionally, they are hired to solve technical issues and to provide a roadmap for the future.

Technology Business Strategy

A fractional CIO can be used in performing business compliance checks and in disaster recovery planning.

Typically a CIO or CTO would be a full-time employee, and this responsibility would lie solely on one person.

However, there are companies that provide a wealth of expertise and function in the same manner.

How to know if hiring a fractional CIO is right for you?

If you don’t currently have a solid technology strategy in place, it could make sense to have someone lay one out for your business.

Perhaps you are unsure as to whether your systems are safe and scalable.

In-house technology staff can have a limited view of recent developments within technology.

Outsourced businesses can provide clarity on areas of improvement as they have experience from their clients.

Hybrid Office

Hiring a fractional CIO is not a new idea and it is not only for smaller companies.

We have seen trends of large companies using them, most likely due to the increased need for hybrid work.

For example, global IT spending is expected to leap to $6.8 trillion over the next three years.

Therefore, we can see that this is a major consideration for most businesses.

Fractional CIO

At Total Support Solutions, we have a team of in-house security, network and business strategy experts.

Our fast response time to emergencies as well as compliance checks, provides you a complete solution.

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