We find out which tech support is right for you.

Traditionally, it’s difficult to employ tech staff, Managed Service Providers are the alternative.

This means, Managed Service Provider’s market is going to leap to $355 billion in 2026.

Therefore, we will discuss why MSP’s are becoming so popular and look at the latest trends.

Managed Service Providers provide a proactive solution.

That’s because they are continually monitoring and get alerted to problems.

For example, they will be alerted when a service is offline, backup failed or a temperature is high.

As such, in the event of a network outage an MSP will be alerted and can begin investigation without being notified prior.

Managed Service Providers

Thankfully, businesses can relax and pay for a fixed monthly fee which can be budgeted easier.

In turn, they then have 24/7 access to a range of experts to answer all their questions.

Managed Service Providers make it easy to support workers from home.

As mentioned, MSP’s helped with the recent increase in remote VPN setups and support.

Also, in the same study it showed that downtime costs businesses $60,000 USD per 100 users, per year.

It then goes on to say that having a managed IT infrastructure can lower this figure by 85%.

To summarise, Managed Service Providers look to be the future direction of tech support.

Managed Service Providers

Nonetheless, MSP’s also require a physical location and will have a network of technicians for ground support.

Therefore, you should look for an MSP in your area or have a technician for on-site jobs. 

Additionally, if your organisation uses vendor-specific software, an MSP can talk with their support for you.

Managed Service Providers

Total Support Solutions is a well-established Managed Service Provider in BC, Canada.

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