Microsoft Visio

Course Description

Learn to draw flowcharts, organizational charts, business process models, website wireframes, electrical diagrams, 3D maps, and create building floor plans to scale with Microsoft Visio.

This program is the secret weapon of governments, HR departments, and management when creating and updating large and complex organizational charts. It’s also an event and office space planner’s dream for creating to-scale floor plans to ensure a smooth set up long before any equipment arrives on site.

Our courses can be delivered in half-day (3-hour) or full-day (6-hour) increments at either our office or yours and our instructors are available for morning, afternoon, or early evening start times, seven days a week.

All our Microsoft Visio courses and levels can be adapted or combined to make you and your team more efficient at work.

Microsoft Visio - Level 1

Who should attend:         This course is intended for new Microsoft Visio users.
Prerequisites:                    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

Duration:                             6 Hours

This level 1 will give you the basics that you need to start drawing with Visio. Learn how to
navigate the program, connect shapes, create organizational charts, and how to create and edit
shapes, text, and drawing files.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Understand and navigate the world of Visio including identifying functions within Visio;
    opening, closing, and saving files and graphics; working with stencils, shapes and
    drawing pages and creating and viewing drawings
  • Draw, edit, format, and arrange shapes to create drawings; apply themes, variants, and Quick Styles to your drawings and use advanced drawing tools to bring your drawings to life
  • Insert, edit, and format text and shapes
  • Choose the ideal connector type and method to connect shapes, use glue, and connect organizational chart shapes
  • Prepare your pages for printing including adding headers and footers, defining background pages, and preview your drawing files before you print.
  • Select from hundreds of shape stencils to apply to your drawing and use the spelling

dialogue box to check and correct spelling

What You Can Do With These Skills:

  • Create simple, structured diagrams including organizational charts, process/work flow
    charts, timelines, electrical diagrams and website wireframes
Microsoft Visio - Level 2

Who should attend:         This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Visio.
Prerequisites                       Microsoft Visio – Level 1 or Equivalent.

Duration:                             6 Hours

Microsoft Visio Level 2 will enable you to take your basic drawings to another level and create
custom stencils, templates, and master shapes of your own. You will also create custom layers,
PivotDiagrams, and learn to integrate Visio drawings into PowerPoint for more powerful
presentation visuals and apply document protection to prevent changes by unauthorized users.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Create custom stencils and templates and to modify master shapes
  • Work with layers to create new layers, assign shapes to layers and to remove, and
    rename drawing layers
  • Edit, delete, create, and assign background pages to add a company logo,
    version/document information, or distribution instructions on one or more pages of
    your drawing
  • Manipulate shapes, work with hyperlinks to link shapes to information within your
    drawing or on the web, and protect shapes from being edited or moved by others
  • Edit shape data and create custom fields and formulas to identify and label shapes using
    the Document Stencil, Master Shapes, and Shape sheet
  • Work within the Microsoft Office suite to import data onto existing shapes, generate
    reports in Visio and Excel, create PivotDiagrams, and insert drawings into PowerPoint
  • Prevent changes to your Visio file using document protection, PDF, or XPS formats

What You Can Do With These Skills:

  • Create more complex workflow and process diagrams, cross-functional flowcharts, and
    multi-departmental organizational charts featuring company branding and corporate

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