We explore the best features in Microsoft Office 365.

If you don’t already have Microsoft apps, you can get started for free with limited features.

Then, you receive 50GB for everything including email, calendar, tasks, notes and contacts.

You can however save space by sending email attachments via OneDrive links instead.

That’s because once the file is no longer needed, it can then be deleted from the cloud.

Witness real-time changes on documents with the new Office 365 features.

Also, when you send a link to a file in OneDrive via an email, it will automatically grant the receiver edit permissions.

However this can be adjusted when creating the link by pressing the ‘Share’ button in OneDrive. 

To improve on this, Microsoft added versioning control to files so you can restore them.

Office 365 Features

For example, after you change a file, you will be able to return to that point, if configured correctly.

Power BI provides free visualisation and analysis for your data.

This means you can get started for free using tools like Power Map for Excel or Power BI for data.

Businesses can benefit from these by being able to visualise and interact with data in new ways.

For example, London Heathrow uses Power BI to show employees real-time info on passengers.

You can get started for free to analyse your website & social media or upgrade for premium features.

Microsoft’s latest evolution is Windows 365, which allows you to host your entire PC in the cloud.

For example, you can stream your computer to any device just by going to a website and signing in. 

However, at the moment this is only being trialed for businesses and is not available for retail users.

Office 365 Features

Lastly, Total Support Solutions can help your business manage Microsoft apps, emails and more.

We help businesses make the most out of digital tools. Interested to learn more? Talk to us today.


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