Why we chose our partner companies.

When it came to protecting your data, we carefully chose our partners to ensure safety and compliance.

This is why Datto is used for the backups we provide, and we use ESET as our antivirus provider.



Our “hybrid-cloud” backup solution protects you against disaster.

Datto provides us with local hardware that we can install for you.

Once it is set up, backups are created in-house and then pushed to the cloud.

In turn, this ensures that there is a backup to return to if one of them fails.

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Nowadays, most organisations are saving files to the cloud via SharePoint as well. 

Unfortunately this data is not backed up by default.

Therefore, Datto provides an additional service called SaaS protection, which provides full SharePoint backups for organisations.

This antivirus protects your device, online or offline.

It achieves this with continual monitoring, even when not connected to the internet.

Your device will instantly quarantine any virus threats it finds.

Additionally, it will alert you if you need Windows updates that could affect your security.

Despite this, the program does not slow down your computer as it is very light-weight.

Total Support Solutions

Lastly, we are official resellers of Microsoft licensing, which provides you with access to their services and software.

Our agents will help get you set up and then teach you how to use the software too.

If anything goes wrong, we’re just a few clicks away from support.

Our Partners

At Total Support Solutions, we aim to empower companies by providing the highest quality technical support.

To achieve this, we need to provide the leading services in technology.

This is why we chose our business partners.

Want to learn more? Talk with us now!

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