Partner Profile

1. Can you give me an overview of the services you provide?

BGCVIC is a non-profit, charitable organization that has been offering life-changing
programs for children, youth, and families for 60 years across South Vancouver Island. Our
programs promote mental health and wellness outcomes, education, nutrition, personal
growth, and active and healthy living. Our respectful, inclusive and engaging approach
supports young people and their families to overcome barriers while developing confidence
and skills that will enhance their lives, build their capacity, and empower them to reach their
potential. Boys & Girls Club of Greater Victoria is more than our programs; it is also a safe,
supportive place to belong, to be respected, to experience new opportunities, and a place to
build healthy relationships. Our transformative programs are tailored to meet the needs of
children, youth, and families in our community. Our programs include mental health and
wellness, homelessness prevention, substance use, young mothers parenting, food security,
personal safety, life skills development, before and after-school programming, parenting
support for parents of teens, leadership, physical activity, healthy living, and more. We
believe every kid counts so we focus on what each child and youth (and parents) can do
and help them discover their own unique strengths and talents to become more competent,
resilient, and capable through health-enhancing practices that will last throughout their

2. Can you tell me what you value in our partnership?

We value our partnership with TSS in the following ways:
• the prompt service
• timely follow-up check-ins
• senior staff knowledge
• staff ability to explain technical issues in lay person’s language
• staff are always courteous and pleasant
• the willingness of junior staff to ask for assistance from senior staff when they aren’t
sure how to proceed
• staff tenacity to pursue a solution when one is not readily apparent
• appreciation for TSS welcoming BGCVIC as a client years ago when no other tech
support company would support us in our technical complexities
3. How does partnering with a local company support your business goals?
As a non-profit with a mandate to serve the needs of children, youth, and families, we do so
through our programs and services but, more importantly, by building vital relationships.
Partnering with TSS supports our community relationship-building approach, which is a
mutually beneficial relationship. TSS helps enhance our workplace tech practices allowing
us to more efficiently and effectively provide support to the children, youth, and families we

4. How has working with TSS helped your organization succeed?

TSS moved us from a “break-fix” Agency to one that has current and reliable systems in
place, allowing staff to complete their work in a more efficient and effective manner. TSS
has taken our Agency from technical chaos to a place where we no longer worry about our
technology on a day-to-day basis. We know that TSS will always be there for us to solve
whatever technical issues we encounter. From a broader perspective, we can count on TSS
for effective Tech Support, managed services, data migration, hardware purchase, software
updating, software review for us prior to purchase, and technical support at fundraising
events. From a technology perspective, we are deeply grateful for their support.

5. What can you tell others about the way we work together?

Our working relationship is respectful, professional, timely, helpful, easy-going, and we even
share a few laughs!