Learn how to spot any type of phishing attack.

A phishing attack is social engineering, an attacker tries to steal sensitive information such as login credentials or credit cards.

These attacks are incredibly common.

Always check exactly what the email address says, and look very closely.

Sometimes attackers purchase a similar looking domain and the only difference will be a single letter.

Occasionally, your business partners who you place inherent trust in will be imitated.

Phishing 101

For example, you finish working with a partner and then they ask you to send final payment to a new address. 

If that’s not bad enough, your partners may even get hacked and therefore the email could come directly from them.

Therefore, you not only need to be careful for obvious typos, you also need to be careful of suspicious behaviour.

Be cautious if an email has a sense of urgency.

If your boss emails and tells you to buy something urgently, you should be skeptical. 

If the behaviour is unusual, follow up with a phone call to confirm before making any decisions.

Additionally, you should avoid clicking on links or opening any attachments you aren’t sure about.

Phishing 101

Another common phishing attack is where a website will freeze your browser and instruct you to call a number.

They might pretend to be Microsoft and will attempt to access your computer to steal money and information.

Make sure to avoid falling for these and always remind vulnerable friends or family.

Phishing 101

At Total Support Solutions, we believe everyone can help to spread awareness and reduce online crime.

We need reminded to stay alert and to keep our valuable information secured regularly.

For this, we enable two-factor authentication for email as it reduces the success of these attacks by 99%.

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