Keeping technology safe from the elements

With the distressing news that BC has just announced a state of emergency, we first and foremost hope you are all safe.

It is important to do everything we can to protect ourselves, our neighbours, family and property.

Let’s look at ways to protect our technology from the elements with these tech-savvy tips.

Cold weather drains your battery faster – consider a portable charger

One tip is that freezing weather can make the screens on our laptops, tablets or phones break more easily.

Therefore, we recommend keeping them in protective cases or leaving them at home. 

You should avoid leaving your phone in your vehicle overnight and try to use a Bluetooth headset so your phone can stay warm in your pocket

Rain Safety Tech

Alternatively, it’s better to keep phones securely zipped up in a sealed pouch if you find yourself in heavy rain.

Hold onto silica gel packets as they can be used to remove moisture from your phone

To prepare for an approaching storm, a simple tip is to charge all of your devices in case the power goes down and to disconnect devices from the power.

Also, consider installing a house-wide surge protector in your electric panel as it will be cheaper than replacing damaged electronics.

As well as this, you should also store data in the cloud or in a different physical location to your home.

Your safety and those around you come first, but your devices can help you check the weather and contact loved ones in a crisis.

Rain Safety Tech
For example, in a state of emergency there may be Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) that you will receive.

As such it’s important to keep them safe where we can, but never risk your safety for your technology. 

Finally, when you go inside to warm up, give your devices time to warm up before you turn them on.

Rain Safety Tech

This is because it can help you to keep damaging condensation out of your devices.

Total Support Solutions hopes that this has helped you and that you remain safe during this time!

We’re here for all technical solutions. Do you have any questions for us? Talk to us today.

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