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Avoid the need for appointments and waiting for solutions, through the use of remote monitoring! 

Regardless of where your business or organization is located, we can help move things forward for you quickly.

Are you concerned about setbacks from failing hardware, attacks by viruses, or general bugs and computer issues? 

A lot of the time, it can mean waiting on IT for several hours or even days for problems in a computer network to be solved. 

This can often result in lengthy disruptions to business operations as well as clients and customers.

Our advanced sensors alert us immediately to any of these issues, which allows our technicians to be deployed almost instantaneously. 

We monitor and address issues quickly from our dashboard without having to visit your workspace and computers in person.

Remote computer monitoring
Remote computer monitoring


With advancements in technology in recent years, we’re able to provide you with some of the lowest maintenance and fastest repair times available today.  Therefore, we remotely eliminate a lot of headaches at the source before most people are even aware of them.

Total Support Solutions provides incredible remote monitoring system alerts and repairs many problems almost on the spot.  With 24/7 patch management as well as updates and optimizations, your computer will run better than ever before.

A powerful layer of security is added when we monitor your system in real-time.  Computer viruses, malware, and attacks by hackers are found and stopped dead in their tracks, before they ever become a problem.

With this system in place, we’re also able to gather more comprehensive data about the overall health of your computer network.  This helps us to better understand the nuances of how your network functions, and enables us to assist you with a higher quality of service.

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