Learn how to create truly secure accounts.

The first thing everyone should do is have Google, Microsoft and Authy authenticator apps.

This can be helpful as many websites will require them when you are setting up 2-FA.

Therefore, it will save you time to have them already downloaded and close to each other.

Secure accounts require more than just 2-FA.

That’s because 2-FA can be bypassed, for instance socially engineering the code or by cloning an access fob.

Hackers will aim to exploit weaknesses in the network or computers, as well. 

As such, try to keep all apps and computers up to date on a regular basis.

Secure Accounts

For example, an unpatched router could allow an attacker to gain access to a network.

Password managers help you use secure passwords.

This means that you should generate the most secure passwords you can possibly use.

Not only this, it is more secure to use one that does not connect to the internet.

That’s because anything that accesses the internet is more likely to be insecure from a bug.

For example, a password manager that connects to the internet had serious flaws.

Secure Accounts

Continuing on, networks should have monitoring, backups and privileges in place.

For instance, temporary employees or guests shouldn’t have administrative rights. 

As well as this, servers should be securely stored behind a locked door with controlled fobs.

Secure Accounts

Lastly, Total Support Solutions can help your business use VPN’s or the cloud for secure remote work.

We recommend building infrastructures with security at the center.

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