Does your Antivirus network as well as your computers?

At Total Support Solutions, our powerful and advanced anti-virus solutions protect your computers from a wide range of risks and threats.  Our technology monitors all possible angles, and brings the fastest detection and resolution available in the industry.

It fully integrates with our HelpDesk and networking equipment.  This ensures that we’re able to detect and disable viruses instantly, before they even have a chance to reach your computer.  It gets resolved before you even know there’s an issue.

Experience enterprise level Anti-Virus!


Protect your network

We monitor your network for intrusive policy violations and malicious activity, using state-of-the-art, forensic-level technology.  Attacks by hackers are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive all the time.  We respond in kind.

Our system provides unmatched protection when it comes to confronting exploits, malware, and ransomware.  Behavioral analysis stops threats dead in their tracks, that have never been seen before.  We utilize the industry’s most powerful malware cleaner to wipe out malicious code, while detecting and disabling most kinds of DDOS and targeted attacks.

Experience what secure feels like.


Silent, automated, secure & Canadian

Let us take care of keeping your computer’s data, files, and programs safe and secure across all of your devices.&nbpsp; With our industry-leading backup systems in place, you can stop worrying about loss, and focus more on your organization or business.

Our backup solutions fully integrate with our HelpDesk offerings, and ensure that any critical computer failure is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.&nbpsp; Whether you’re looking for full image backups of servers and mission critical machines, or simply data backup from workstations, we have a solution for you.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the cornerstone of HelpDesk

Are you concerned about failing hardware, attacks by viruses, or general bugs and computer issues?

Our system alerts us immediately to any of these issues, which allows technicians to be deployed almost instantaneously.  We monitor and address issues quickly without having to visit your workspace and computers in person.

At Total Support Solutions, our incredible remote monitoring system alerts and repairs many problems before most people are even aware of them.  With 24/7 patch management, updates and optimizations, your computer will never run better.

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