Microsoft officially announces Windows 11.

 Shortly, Windows will undergo another feature update which will be free for anyone with Windows 10. We are going to take a look at what’s to come and what will be the standard for new computers.

Windows 11 looks sleek.

Microsoft have been hard at work creating a more visually appealing operating system.

This means that we will get better colours, centered applications and round edges. 

Also, Snap Groups are collections of apps that can be opened or minimized simultaneously for easier task switching. 


Recently, there was an update to bring us a newsfeed and so we can only expect to see more of that.

What’s more is that Microsoft Teams will be built directly in and will become similar to FaceTime.

Additionally, Android apps will now run natively on Windows 11 through the Amazon app store.

Eventually, everyone will need to get Windows 11 because after 2025 – Windows 10 will be vulnerable.

This will affect the estimated 1.3 billion users of Windows, and recently demand has never been higher.

Windows 11 Dark

After these recent announcements, Microsoft stated on their Twitter that, “This is just the Start.

To find out if your PC is compatible, visit Windows and scroll down to download the Compatibility app.

Here you can see the new icons and we are sure there will be more features to be announced.

Get in touch with us at Total Support Solutions to find out more or to talk about an upgrade.

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